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Classical Rhetoric and Modern Media

Professor Barry Eckhouse



Some theorists of argumentation seem to believe that we should consider the purpose of argumentation to be persuasion. Although persuasion is a purpose of argumentation on some occasions, we must recognize that argumentation can and does fulfill another equally important purpose, namely inquiry.



    Course Materials. In addition to handouts that will be distributed in class, we will use two required books you can purchase through the SMC bookstore, several that I have placed on Saint Mary's library reserve, and several that are available in the form of electronic texts, which you can access through their uniform resource locators and through links on my faculty web page.

    Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau, Current Issues and Enduring Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking and Argument, St. Martin's Press, 1996. (required)

    Barry Eckhouse, Competitive Communication: Classical Rhetoric for Modern Business, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., 1994. (required)






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